Schedule of Fees

(amounts on 1st April 2018)

Fee   Amount in EUR
Search fee
PCT Rule 16.1(a)
Additional international search fee
PCT Rule 40.2 (a)
Search fee refund
If the earlier search carried out by any of the national offices of the Contracting States can be used
If an earlier international search report or international-type search report can be used  


Fee for the late furnishing of sequence listings
PCT Rules 13ter.1(c) 13ter.2
Protest fee
PCT Rules 40.2(e) and 68.3(e)
Supplementary international search fee
PCT Rule 45bis.3(a)
– for a search only in the VPI’s national documentation in Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak language
 [2059 CHF1]

[629 CHF1]
Review fee relating to a supplementary international search
PCT Rule 45bis.6(c)
Supplementary search handling fee
PCT Rule 45bis.2
[200 CHF2]
Late payment fee relating to a supplementary international search
PCT Rule 45bis.4(c)
50% of the supplementary search fee
Cost of copies
PCT Rule 44.3(b)
per page
Preliminary examination fee
PCT Rule 58.1(b)
Late payment fee
PCT Rule 58bis.2
50% of the unpaid fee(s)
but not to exceed 330
Handling fee
PCT Rule 57.1
Additional preliminary examination fee [Rule 68.3(a)] 900
Cost of copies cited during the international preliminary examination
PCT Rules, 71.2(b) and 94.2,
per page

1,2 Fee payable in CHF for the International Bureau WIPO