Hungarian branch office

Hungary became party to the PCT on June 27, 1980. In addition to acting as a PCT Receiving Office, since 2006 the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) has been carrying out search and preliminary examination for the Austrian Patent Office (APO) as a PCT Authority under a bilateral agreement concluded with the APO. In carrying out search and preliminary examination under that agreement, the HIPO has been following the Guidelines for International Search and for International Preliminary Examination to be carried out under the PCT. The agreement was in effect until the end of December 2014. In the framework of this agreement the HIPO delegated patent experts, in observer status, to the Permanent Committee on Harmonisation of Search Activities (PCHSA) and its Working Groups responsible for cooperation and harmonization between PCT Authorities in Europe.  HIPO delegates have participated in the work of the PCHSA and its working groups since 2009.